Chapter 12

Luxury Room The Vantage Point

Starting at ₹ 15,000*/night

There is always a point in the hills where the road ends, only to let you discover the infinity of the universe. Isn’t that what endings are about? Another chance to start something beautiful? That’s the chapter, the vantage point of Blue Book at Gethia.

Chapter Features




1-3 People



Perfect for

Family with kids

This isn’t just a luxury room at Blue Book, Gethia; it’s a vantage point for boundless possibilities. Imagine a king-sized haven, ideal for families of up to three, where the balcony becomes your personal observatory. Gaze out at the breathtaking panorama outside Blue Book, a boutique hotel in Nainital – the hills seemingly melting into the vastness of the sky, a visual reminder that endings are simply new beginnings.

Let your children’s imaginations soar HIGH as they peer out at the endless horizon, dreaming of adventures yet to unfold. Share stories under the starlit sky, bathed in the gentle glow of the moon. This “Chapter” is more than a place to rest; it’s a canvas for creating lasting family memories.